Bianca Popp and Atribut @ Bucuresti Mall

As we used to, we regularly come up with news in the pop-up store of Romanian designers in Bucharest Mall, we are currently waiting for you with the coolest pieces from the newest Bianca Popp and Attribute Collections.

Attribute is a brand designed to practice creativity, experimenting with textures, shapes and materials that make up the idea of ​​a purse. Their creations are a condensed expression of creativity, positive energy and contemporary design. The brand combines clean cuts with discrete details as the highest form of refinement. It’s about leaving the well-known paths and explore new spaces, new opportunities, new horizons.

The first collection is based on the reinterpretation of the retro purse with the metal frame. Its attribute is represented by the duet between leather and wood – two natural materials, different textures, multiple sensory experiences, all in one object. The approach to the skin is unconventional. Find this collection at discount at A List Designer’s Boutique in Bucharest Mall.

The Bianca Popp brand was founded in 2008 and has been opposed to uniformity since then and has emphasised individuality and the right to free speech.

The new season brings Bianca Popp’s signature style to a new level through a transient structural intervention.This duality is visible throughout the collection. Parts cut in architectural lines interfere with fluid, unsupported, new forms in motion. Neutral colors are the messenger of a complete reconstruction process.

The collection is intended for women who assume the need for connectivity and have the adaptation process. The answer to the stringent question, “Who am I, and what am I doing here?” is imminent. Pipe Dreams is a collection of emotional permeability, fluidity of decisions, adaptability, and connectivity. Pipe Dreams is a collection of determined but frantic lines of architectural shapes ending in the air of industrially treated natural materials of colorful, naughty colors.


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