9 must-have pieces from the newest collections

Summer and holidays have just ended and our heads turn toward the new fall collections (it’s not like we want to resist…) Dresses, jackets, jeans, light sweaters: below there’s a selection containing the new season’s pieces, which you will be able to wear not only now, but also later.

#1 – Denim shirt
You know you can wear it in 101 ways: the double denim option with a pair of jeans or with a denim skirt; with a folded metallic skirt or a cone-shaped lace one, with loose printed trousers or with uni cigarette trousers, under a sarafan dress or instead of a denim jacket…
Our recommendation: Denim shirt H&M – 129,00 lei

#2 – Boyfriend jeans
This winter, our jeans will contain embellished versions: with embroidery, appliques, lateral contrasting stripes. But our wardrobe needs a supreme pair, on which to count on every occasion and to match any top, shirt, sweater, suit jacket. That’s why we recommend these boyfriend jeans – absolutely flawless and adequate to every shape, style and age! – that currently can be worn with sandals or trainers.
Our recommendation: Boyfriend jeans Edith, Lee Cooper – 199,00 lei

#3 – A good quality trench
The weather forecast for the beginning of September announces rainy weather, and a navy blue trench in classic style (and British check lining!) is always fashionable. You will be able to wear it also during the spring, with the same elegance!
Our recommendation: Navy blue trench Marks&Spencer (available also in beige) – 319,00 lei

#4 – A casual dress
With flounces, asymmetries, pleats or multiple prints. This fall you can choose any pattern, but the fashionable dresses are the ones that combine more prints (spots, floral, animal, checks).
Our recommendation: Multi-print dress Mango – 199,90 lei

#5 – A suit jacket, pyjama style

Already a must have, the suit jacket “pyjama” style is still in trend. Tailored out of flowing and light materials, can be worn over a simple undershirt or a buttoned one, with high waist trousers.
Our recommendation: Jacquard suit jacket Zara – 249,90 lei

#6 – A light sweater with flounces
Have you felt it? The evening air is already cooler. A cotton sweater, matched with a maxi flowing skirt, means that evening strolls can be prolonged until October.
Our recommendation: knitted sweater with silk thread and cotton Massimo Dutti (available in white, yellow and turquoise) – 229,00 lei


#7 – A vintage bag
The moment will come when you’ll get bored with the wicker basket, so fashionable during the summer… You will want a beautiful bag, appropriate for every occasion. This fall, vintage bags are back in style: with short handle, geometric shape and medium size.
Our recommendation: Gemma or Anelise Musette bags– 489,30 lei and 509,40 lei

#8 – A pair of velvet shoes
Buy them in a precious color (burgundy, light blue, dusty pink, navy blue), with a high and solid heel, a strap or delicate appliques. You can wear them straight away with a folded skirt, cropped jeans or a modern dress. When it gets chilly, fashion lovers can wear them with socks.
Our recommendation: navy blue velvet shoes Anna Cori – 280,00 lei

#9 – A navy jersey jacket
A smart combination between the texture of a cardigan and the shape of a suit jacket, navy style (nautical). Its style maintains the summer spirit until late fall and you will be able to wear it, even during colder days: over a long sleeve top with horizontal navy stripes, over a weekend dress, with jeans or printed trousers.
Our recommendation: Navy blue jacket Stefanel – 880,00 lei


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