Autumn collection @Mango Man

Mango Man Autumn – Winter Collection contains a wide range of clothing accessories, ideal to make you feel special. As we are used to, Mango Man addresses both the modern man who experiences, learns, informs and talks about fashion as well as those who prefer classic lines.

Starting with must-have seasonal tones such as blue, beige, khaki tones, the range extends with ocher, terracotta and even tomatoes. From the above, the MANGO MAN collection chose beige, khaki and blue tones.

Among the outdoor clothing offers, there are cotton jackets, quilted Bomber jackets and very warm vests, very easy to carry, easy to fold. Also recommending the season are plaid shirts as a clue for British style.


MANGO Man presents his “smart” collection, posed between the everyday and the most formal styles. Pants and blazers of textured fabrics and print shirts create a mix that perfectly matches. The collection is inspired from office outfits, combined with sweaters, jeans and jackets that were made of quality materials with fine textures.


In the new collection, we find the nomad style, the defining style of freedom.

It is a combination of the hippie influences of the 1960s and the American-Indian characteristics. The nomad style takes us with the thought of freedom and the bohemian spirit.

Visit Mango Man @Bucuresti Mall and get acquainted with the new Mango Man collection.


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