Another kind of June 1st: Cute weekend outfits for stylish moms

We know that every day spent with your child is a reason to be happy, and June 1st is just another day to enjoy his presence in your life, the unconditional love between you and reviving childhood times when with him. Apart from that, June 1st is in the first weekend of real summer! After a full working week, you now have the chance to wear bright colors, exotic prints, colored espadrilles, maxi woven dresses, comfortable flax trousers and summer light shirts…

To prepare you for two precious days, we suggest four different style outfits, suitable for the most frequent and possible weekend adventures: from the walk in the park and buying sweets to the celebration lunch, but also a dinner.

The walk in the park

Are you going out with the whole family to enjoy a breath of fresh air? Or will it be only you, the little one and the pet? We suggest you to enter the summer spirit wearing a fruit inspired top, in juicy shades of yellow and orange, along with a pair of white jeans and a light, knitted jacket. Complete the outfit by a pair of matching white sneakers and a strong shade cute bag, which will add color to the what you are wearing. You can carry inside it a book or a magazine, a bottle of water, two apples, even a small blanket in case you want to improvise a bit on the grass. Don’t forget a good coffee in a reusable cup (preferably a spring printed one.

Mango Fruit print T-shirt: 49.90 lei | H&M boyfriend white jeans: 129.00 lei | Zara sand color cardigan: 129.90 lei | Anna Cori orange leather bag: 590.00 lei | Office Shoes Palladium white sneakers: 379.00 lei | Book from Diverta – “Happiness is a safety pin” by Răzvan Exarhu: 21.60 lei | Diverta butterfly print coffee cup: 62.90 lei


Going shopping or running errands

Just because the weekend’s to-do list is endless, this does not mean you should “hide” yourself in a large hoodie and boring leggings. Every day is an occasion to exude femininity, elegance and style, therefore I suggest you to wear a casual and functional outfit, but at the same time a colored, cute and even fabulous one! The solution is a multicolored maxi dress with peonies colors print, a simple top worn under a classic denim jacket, and to add a cross body bag and a pair of super comfy Oxford shoes. Oh, and do not forget about the earrings!

H&M pink floral print skirt: 129.00 lei | Zara denim jacket: 129.00 lei | Massimo Dutti simple white top: 69.90 lei | Musette light blue bag: 649.00 lei  | Anna Cori leather and canvas shoes: 230.00 lei | H&M fringes pink earrings: 49.90 lei



Brunching with other moms  

How about matching the color of the dress to the summer sky one? We recommend you to wear a light blue or blue shirt, made of flax or cotton poplin, in order to leave bare your shoulders for a good dose of femininity, but to be practical enough so you can easily carry your children. Add a pair of mules (we love wood sole ones, but espadrilles are a good option too) and definitely, a round bamboo bag!

Zara flax and cotton light blue dress: 199.90 lei | Il Passo yellow leather mules: 239.00 lei  | Mango round bamboo bag: 299.90 lei | Optiplaza Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses: 1.190 lei  


An al fresco dinner

A dinner outdoors, at the end of the day, when it’s cooler outside, deserves a little style effort, without exaggerating and making the outfit too elegant. It is enough to wear a lively print dress, along with a pair of simple skinny jeans and neutral shoes with medium-sized heels. If you think you will be cold, choose a white blazer to make it more sophisticated – a cardigan would be too casual, too much of a “day outfit”. End the evening with a glass of pinot.

BSB Floral print green top: 235.00 lei | H&M blue skinny jeans: 129.00 lei | Zara oversized white blazer: 249.90 lei | Tezyo, Epica golden sandals: 799.00 lei  | Sephora – Gucci Bloom Aqua di Fiori fragrance: 399.00 lei


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