A List Designers Boutique – YVY si Ninina

Between 13th of May and 9th of June, at Alist Designers Boutique in Bucuresti Mall – Vitan, you can buy products from the latest collections of YVY and Ninina designers.

YVY is a brand with a tradition of over 40 years in the field of leather accessories. This brand was born out of passion for the leather business, but also for the love of leather accessories.
The leather from which YVY bags and wallets are made comes from Italy, and the design varies from classic to modern. At Alist Designers Boutique in Bucuresti Mall – Vitan you will find the latest collection of YVY bags and wallets, as well as a selection of their emblematic pieces. YVY has created over the years capsule collections with Albertina Ionescu, Ana Morodan and Carmen Negoita.

Ninina is a brand that was born in 2014 with the desire to create simple and beautiful clothes for children. The brand name comes from the name of the designer, Irina Neacsu, pronounced by a child (who could not tell her otherwise than “Ninina” in sstead of “Irina” and inspired her to make this choice). The objective of this brand was to manufacture a 100% Romanian product, from creation and materials to production. The materials used are made of cotton and are woven in Romania with light and romantic cuts, adding a little vintage detail through finishes and accessories. Ninina collections are minimalist, with simple and light cuts, “kids clothes that adults would like to wear”, as the founder of the Ninina brand says.

Alist Designer Boutique awaits you with Ninina’s spring – summer 2019 collection, but also with a surprise collection – she created especially for her arrival in Bucuresti Mall.



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