A List Designers Boutique – Dana Dinu, Luviane & Ladies Codes

Alist Designers Boutique is hosting this month outfits created by Dana Dinu and Ladies Codes, along with a selection of perfumes from Luviane Atelier de Parfumerie.

The three Romanian brands hosted by Alist Designers Boutique will help us prepare for the autumn-winter season.

The Dana Dinu brand was created in 2014, when Dana already had over 10 years experience in clothing design. The most important source of inspiration for her is art, followed by costume history and architecture.

Dana creates minimalist jackets, with lots of textures and colors, which give a unique touch to any outfit, but also dresses that benefit all types of silhouettes. With a personal way of painting clothes, impossible to reproduce, Dana managed to create her own stylistic signature.

The dresses signed by Ladies Codes can be the perfect choice for special events that require evening attire. The brand’s outfit are very feminine and are aimed at strong women, who know the proper way to wear a special outfit.

Geanina Ciobanu, the owner of the brand, confesses there are a lot of things that inspire her: “a dress detail, the color of a bird’s feather, field flowers, the leaves, the trees, the grass, the stones, a certain person and their perfume; everything that comes from imagination, so spectacular in its many forms. ”

She gives uniqueness to her creations and is often recognized through the clothes that carry her imprint.


Luviane Atelier de Parfumerie is a Romanian brand of luxury handmade perfume. The brand was created at the end of 2013 and became a registered trademark in 2014. The perfumes are created exclusively from natural ingredients certified by Iulia-Victoria Neagoe, the founder of the brand.

Special collections such as “Simfonie Gurmanda”, “Miresme Romanesti” or “DOR” are inspired by authentic life things, mythology and Romanian symbols. Another special collection is the one called “Queen’s Flowers”, dedicated to Queen Mary of Romania.

Luviane Atelier de Parfumerie also has another series dedicated to winter holidays, that captures the joy and atmosphere of Christmas, through the Holiday Aroma scent. The brand also creates perfume jewellery from metals and precious stones.

Until October 26, we are waiting for you at Bucuresti Mall, in the lounge area, to discover the new designers showcased at Alist Designers Boutique and get inspired to choose unforgettable outfits!



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