How to wear Ultra Violet, the colour of 2018

If fashion was defined last year by Greenery green (a very difficult color to wear), 2018 trends are being dictated by beautiful and versatile shade: Ultra Violet. According to the Pantone Institute, the ones who establish every season’s chromatic trends, Ultra Violet is a “dramatic, challenging and queenly purple shade, a complex and mysterious color, that communicates originality and creativity.”

Ultra Violet is very versatile: it can be matched with many colors because it basically represents the balanced and perfect mix of red (a warm color) and blue (a cold color).

H&M purple pullover: 199.90 lei | Zara bow collar blouse: 59.90 lei | Massimo Dutti violet pants: 145.00 lei


You can combine it with mustard yellow or gold, with emerald green but also with olive green, with burning red or fuchsia, with delicate light blue, but also with exotic turquoise, with orange or copper-like shades, with denim blue and chocolate brown…

Mango floral printed violet dress: 99.90 lei | H&M wrapped printed blouse: 59.90 lei | Mango printed overall: 99.90 lei




Those who are not used to intense shades will accept more easily including some gentle tones, with dusty purple and violet, either with some lavender colored or amethyst pieces, or by wearing some accessories (a pair of violet earrings, an intense purple bag), or choosing prints that are available in these lilac shades (a printed scarf, a blouse or a printed dress).

Mango fringe violet earrings: 49.90 lei | Penti 50 DEN violet tights: 23.50 lei | Anna Cori leather violet backpack: 434.00 lei | Anna Cori velvet printed mini-bag: 272.00 lei


Apart from fashion trends, the same dramatic shade represents this season’s beauty proposals. Inspiration is everywhere, it is enough to look for photos of Solange Knowles and Rihanna to get inspired from their make-up look. They both highlight their eyes by wearing violet.

MAC Cosmetics, Parfait Amour Eye Shadow (shiny violet): 79.00 lei | Sephora Magnify Christian Dior: 293.00 lei


If a complete violet eye make-up seems too much, then you can just draw a line at the lashes’ base with a kohl crayon or liquid eyeliner. You can also go the other extreme way, by choosing the very bright violet color of 2018 matte lipstick.

MAC Cosmetics, Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner, Designer Purple Shade: 75.00 lei | MAC Cosmetics, Heroine matt lipstick: 84.00 lei


Finally, if these two make-up proposals above are way too eccentric, an intense violet manicure will gently help you adapt to the trends. The effort is minimum, but the effect is fantastic, and a black and violet orchid perfume, lilac and hyacinth may give you that mysterious, dramatic and original allure, associated with Ultra Violet!

Douglas Anny Nail Polish (shade 207): 34.13 lei | Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Fragrance: 288.00 lei


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