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10 Februarie, 2023 - 11 Martie, 2023
From Bucuresti Mall, with love

In the month of love, București Mall helps you express your appreciation for your loved ones through unique gifts, created from the heart, with a lot of passion. Come surprise your dear ones with a perfect gift, which you can find at the Local Artisans Gallery.
At the City Vibes Fair, you will find the inspiration you need to prepare the right message for your loved ones: „I love you!” or „May you have a beautiful spring!”. From handmade jewelry to one-of-a-kind trinkets, here you can find carefully crafted items to tell them how much they mean to you.

Among the artisans who bring the perfect gifts closer, there are also:

• Atelier Dale, with arrangements made of flowers, glass, metal or brooches;
• Paula Bijou’x, with premium silver jewelry, resin statuettes, boxes or various handmade accessories;
• Mov Evolution, who prepared special gifts for Her and Him, as well as handmade trinkets and greetings;
• Altrania 2002, where you can find musical boxes and accessories or hand-crafted trinkets, made of wood, leather or mother-of-pearl;
• Puzzle Teacher, with various games that stimulate patience, concentration and creativity;
• Art & Deco, with traditional marigolds and specific Valentine’s Day decorations;
• Bucuria candies, with the sweetest trinkets , but also with carefully selected wines, from the Republic of Moldova;
• Jaqueline Bijuterii, with handmade creations from semi-precious stones, crystals, cultured pearls, but also handmade beads;
• Vizual Art 2000, which brings the famous felted wool jewelry and silk scarves, but also various engravings with images from the Bucharest of yesteryear;
• Idille Boutique with a lot of premium jewelry, for the loved ones in your life;
• Daniela Koesalu, with wonderful handmade accessories made of fimo, wood or gold;
• Gabriela Popa, who returns with a multitude of handmade products such as cups, spoons, photo frames or soap ornaments;
• Ding Communication, with 925 silver jewelry, in the theme of the holidays this season!

Between February 10th and March 11th, your favorite mall in the heart of the city welcomes the month of love and the beginning of spring! We are waiting for you with love!

From București Mall, with LOVE!

Bucuresti Mall, City Vibes Fair, the month of love
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