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Spectacular or discrete, the defining element of our brand centers around innovation – the jewelry collections bearing the imprint of Teilor are in constant evolution, new and unpredictable, elegant, but not always classic.

For over 10 years, we have been trying to satisfy the desires of a demanding clientele through special collections of gold jewelry, engagement and wedding rings with authentic design, as well as services at the highest standards.

We focus on the exclusivity and quality of our products, each piece of jewelry being designed to correspond to the preferences and personalities of our clients.

Store concept

In the newest Teilor location, the identity of the brand is illustrated through the fine details that give a sense of uniqueness to the location. The color of the showcases inside the windows was chosen to suggest the texture of the skin, the ideal surface for the jewelry presentation. The warm tones chosen for the location are reminiscent of the intensity and precious material from which the jewelry is forged. The avant-garde outlines are combined perfectly with the stone sparkles, thus realizing the coherence of the products and the space in which they are exposed.


Teilor invites you to București Mall to shop for the perfect engagement ring and dozens of models of wedding rings. The jewels are distinguished by innovative designs, as well as the exceptional finish of the pieces. The Teilor collection of wedding rings includes jewels characterized by fluid lines and perfect details that will keep their brilliance and elegance in time.  The color plays and durable finishes are dressed in the brilliance of crystals or diamonds, depending on your preferences. The jewels in Teilor’s collections take you to a precious universe, full of emotion, femininity and sensuality. The asymmetric lines, specific for a atypical design, provide volume and fluidity to the parts. Jewelry collections evolve in expressive lines with surprising results: chromatic innovations, creative solutions and unexpectedly delicate that are represented in a world of beauty, beyond the boundaries of everything already known in matters of jewelry. The extravagance oscillates with the classic lines, the sparkling colors in which the jewels are dressed is a glamorous statement of style. Finally, the minimalistic architectural accents are the ones that shape and confer a distinct brightness to the gorgeous coating of the jewelry.

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