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Oxette is a Greek brand by Perideo S.A which is actively involved in the field of manufacturing, distribution and sales of jewellery, watches and fashion accessories. With over 25 year’s experience, Perideo S.A has succeeded in building a strong presence not only in Greece but worldwide. First launched in Athens in 1998, Oxette drew the attention of global consumers within a very short space of time. Nowadays, Oxette operates in many countries.OXETTE’s brand is made for independent, modern day women and men, who love fashion and use it to express their own personality and their own social standing within the community at large.

OXETTE’s acclaimed designs are inspired by the unique and original approach to the creative realm, producing treasures combining elegance, versatility with appeal for casual style and glamour.

OXETTE’s creative team efforts are focused in creating pieces that look and feel good as well as emanate the customer’s lifestyle through a fastidious measure of Design, Innovation and Appeal.
OXETTE’s collections are creations comprising jewellery, watches and accessories which are carefully designed to bring a balance between today’s global fashion trends and art.

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