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In a unique, modern, and friendly setting, Manufaktura creates a total experience that you can share with friends, colleagues, or family while enjoying high-quality single-origin coffee and savouring delicious dishes.
Indulge in the Manufaktura concept accompanied by our baristas and the finest freshly roasted and ground coffee beans, prepared just the way you like it, either classic or through alternative methods. You can choose from 7 single origins, 2 blends, and 2 Specialty varieties, from which Manufaktura’s baristas will craft the trendiest coffee recipes, from the classic espresso to espresso variations with milk, Iced, or Slow Coffee.
Even if you’re not a tea person, at Manufaktura, you might discover that you are one of them. Manufaktura’s tea collection bears the signature of German quality and amazes with the diversity of flavors in black, herbal, or rooibos teas, enriched with fruits, spices, and herbs.
You can complete the experience of specialty coffee with delicious sandwiches. Or do you crave something sweet?
We recommend starting with the house specialties: Carrot Cake and Cheesecake, then you can easily move on to Raspberry, Lemon, and Meringue Tart or crème brûlée. The generous slices of cake with sponge cake or biscuits, with chocolate, cherries, almond flakes, or caramel, deserve a special visit.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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