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14 February, 2022 - 28 February, 2022
Love at first reading | MNLR exhibition

Surely you have heard of the expression “love at first sight”, but have you heard of “love at first reading”? During the time of year dedicated to the celebration of love, we invite you to discover stories and events told through letters in which love crosses every word, inside the new exhibition organized by the National Museum of Romanian Literature at București Mall-Vitan.

In the exhibition, you will find exchanges of letters and postcards between famous play-writers and famous actresses (Aurel Baranga – Marcela Rusu, Victor Ion Popa – Maria Mohor), between writers and those who inspired them (Aurel Dumitrașcu – T.), love interests that turned into beautiful friendships (Emil Cioran – Ecaterina Săndulescu), affinities and inspirational dialogues (Camil Petrescu – Cella Serghi, Marin Preda – Aurora Cornu). Moreover, through this project, we bring to the public’s attention the importance of the National Reading Day, celebrated this year for the first time in Romania, on February 15th.

Discover the secrets of love and other significant moments in the “Love at first reading” exhibiton, only at București Mall-Vitan. We look forward to seeing you between February 14-28, 2022.

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