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19 April, 2019 - 20 April, 2019
Egg-stra Special Easter Egg Hunt – Brands For Kids

We know him as a kind and funny guy, always ready to share Easter presents, but lately The Easter Bunny is doing nothing else but play games. The Hidden Eggs one is his favourite.
He has been seen around in Bucuresti Mall – Vitan, hiding colorful, shiny eggs and awesome prizes for the little ones. He was clearly up to something, so we decided to follow him.
He was faster than us, but surely you are smarter than him! Friday, 19 April, everyone is invited to take part of our fun race, looking for the Easter Bunny. Starting 1 PM, we collect hints, points and win special-prizes from the coolest authentic kids clothing store in Bucharest.
Find the hidden eggs at the second floor of Bucuresti Mall – Vitan and win instant prizes! Hundreds of chocolate eggs were hidden around.
Brands for Kids is waiting for you with a lot of offers and presents dedicated to the mini-detectives, on Friday, after lunch. See you on the second floor playground!

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