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28 October, 2019 - 24 November, 2019
Designers Boutique | AERWEAR & CHICINETA

Creativity reaches its highest point in November at A List Designers Boutique. From the desire to overturn the everyday life and tell their own story, two Romanian brands surprise each day both by originality and by courage.

Chicineta has a short story, but full of energy. The standard plates from the shops, which do not transmit anything and do not arouse any feelings, have ignited the spark of creativity for Oana Titică. All Chicineta objects are made in porcelain or ceramic factories in Romania, with bold graphics made in collaboration with designers from the country – a 100% authentic business, for customized sensations.

@Chicineta has a short story, but full of energy. The standard plates that lack originality have sparked the creativity of Oana Titica. Chicineta items are made from porcelain or ceramic in factories in Romania, and promote bold designs – a 100% genuine business for sensations to match.

Founded in 2012, @Aer Wear takes art to a new level through the nonconformism of Dana Păun. The special clothing pieces, inspired by the calligraphy and the anatomy of the woman, bring a unique note to each outfit and convey a powerful message to each appearance. We are sure that you will love the pants with unusual shapes, the practical dresses or the blouses with one sleeve!

We expect you between October 28th and November 24th in the pop-up store in @Bucuresti Mall – Vitan for extra courage in your daily life!

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