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07 February, 2022 - 09 March, 2022
City Vibes Fair V’day & March edition

Love is in the air at Bucuresti Mall-Vitan! With the coming of the new season, we enjoy various occasions in which we can show our deepest appreciation for our loved ones. Valentine’s Day or Dragobetele bring us closer to our significant half, and the first day of spring and Women’s Day celebrate perhaps the most important people in our lives.

Like any important event, these celebrations come with the desire to show our gratitude in a genuine and special manner. That’s why, same as every year, Bucuresti Mall – Vitan comes to your help! The local craft gallery, “City Vibes Fair”, gives you all the inspiration you need to choose the perfect gift. Find unique creations, crafted with care and passion by local artisans, and show your appreciation.

From February 7th to 24th, the gallery will be dedicated to Valentine’s Day and Dragobete, and from February 25th to March 9th you will find a new range of gifts, suitable for welcoming the first day of spring and for celebrating Women’s Day.

Celebrate love and surprise your loved ones, at Bucuresti Mall-Vitan!

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