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05 April, 2023 - 30 April, 2023
Alist Designers | Izabela Mandoiu, Genuin Shop & Wax’n Magic

Under the spring dome in București Mall – Vitan, Romanian creators return to the space dedicated to them, in AList Designers Boutique! April brings Izabela Măndoiu back into the spotlight, but also introduces you to new creators, Genuin Shop and Wax’n Magic, which we invite you to discover, in the shop on the ground floor of your dear mall, in the heart of the city !

Izabela Măndoiu, as always, invites us to appreciate beauty in all its forms, exhibiting her authentic creations in a collection dedicated to femininity and naturalness. Using comfortable materials, woven with passion in Romania, the designer brings to the store a collection of dresses made of satin cotton, to be worn in any season! The artist aims to give every woman, who wears Izabela Măndoiu brand clothes, a part of the traditional Romanian symbolism, but also a dose of self-confidence!

Genuin Shop is a family brand, created with and out of love for sustainable materials, such as linen. From the desire to bring nature closer to people and turn their house into “home”, the creators have designed a series of accessories and products for the home, all standing under the sign of the traditional and the original. Genuin Shop proposes a minimalist design, inspired by nature and created for those who love it and want to protect it!

Last but not least, Wax’n Magic, recently launched by two young entrepreneurs, is the brand that tells a great story, about fragrance, harmony and peace, being a brand of artisan candles. The inspiration of the creations comes from the ancient art of alchemy and mixes, in a very special way, with contemporary notes. Simplicity is the one that best describes the design of the candles, and the aromas and specific illustrations are what conquer the olfactory and visual senses of those who meet the Wax’n Magic brand products!

So, April turns out to be full of surprises in București Mall – Vitan; that’s why we invite you to join us and discover Alist Designers Boutique, the dedicated area for everyone who love 100% Romanian creations: on the ground floor, in the lounge area!

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