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01 December, 2021 - 02 January, 2022
Alist Designers – Izabela Mandoiu & Atelier Hamza

At Alist Designers Boutique, December is all about contemporaneity and tradition, craftsmanship and simplicity. The story of how these two concepts fuse together is told, this month, by Izabela Măndoiu and Atelier Hamza, with originality and passion.

The Romanian designer, Izabela Măndoiu, brings the love she has for Romanian culture in all her creations. Her mission is to empower each woman that wears her collections and to promote traditional Romanian symbols, by mixing the modern with a vintage flare, through her outstanding pieces. “It’s so simple: regardless of the horizons, we are united by traditions, by the love for beauty, by the love for homeland and, especially, by longing … which always brings us to the parental hearth. At a time when we need certainties, we must always look back to Roots.” (Izabela Măndoiu)

The creations of Atelier Hamza, the perfect combination of elegance and comfort, spotlight the paradox of minimalism: simple products, but which express so much. The mottos embroidered through innovative techniques on contemporary style clothes seem to evoke a hidden manifesto within ourselves, waiting to be discovered.

Discover the stories of the two Romanian designers, at Alist Designers Boutique, in December, at București Mall-Vitan! They are waiting for you, in the shop located on the ground floor, in Info Desk area.

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