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01 September, 2021 - 30 September, 2021
Alist Designers Boutique – NOR Clothing & Malluce

The beautiful story of the Romanian design, told with passion and with limitless creativity, continues in September, also, at București Mall-Vitan! Alist Designers Boutique welcomes with great enthusiasm two new designers, NOR Clothing and Malluce, who bring unique stories on the Romanian fashion stage.

NOR Clothing takes a step back from the traditional patterns and channels its creativity towards the youngest and the most special ambassadors of fashion, kids. Inspired by their strong personalities, the designers decided to create modern outfits for children, made out of 100% Romanian high-quality materials, so that the little ones will benefit from comfortable, unisex clothes, in which they will surely feel like the star of the show every single day.

Malluce wants to be the reason for every woman to feel radiant, positive, charming. Femininity and confidence, with touches of elegance and romantism, in classic and simple lines, combined with details and accents meant to highlight your strengths and qualities. These are the perfect words to describe the outfits created by Malluce. The quality of the materials and the versatility are essential for these creations, dedicated to women passionate about beauty, with a romantic-bohemian vibe and who appreciate authentic design, produced in Romania.

Whether you are in search of clothes suited to the personality of your little ones, or you are looking for an outfit that gives you confidence, come in September to Alist Designers Boutique in București Mall-Vitan and enjoy the stories woven with inspiration by Romanian designers!

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