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01 June, 2022 - 30 June, 2022
Alist Designers Boutique – Monarh and Izabela Mandoiu

Summer begins with a new chapter in the story of Alist Designers Boutique written with style and passion, at București Mall-Vitan. June brings to the fore two extremely talented Romanian designers, Monarh and Izabela Măndoiu, whose authentic and inspiring creations will make you stand out this season.

The collection Summer 22 by Monarh brings you perfect cuts, innovative materials and unique details. The pieces are timeless and adaptable, perfect to be worn for a long time, no matter the occasion. The mission of the workshop is to create clothing items that offer a flawless fit, comfort and elegance. The new collections, signed Monarh, will delight you with silk dresses, feminine outfits with seductive details and special pieces that will always keep you in the center of attention.

Designer Izabela Măndoiu creates both avant-garde garments and outfits that mix the traditional style with the contemporary one, in order to give reasons of happiness to all the women who wear her creations. Each item is created with special attention to details and impresses with the creativity of the design, so that you are always in the spotlight.

Start the summer with style and let yourself inspired by the special creations of the two Romanian designers, who are waiting for you in Alist Designers Boutique, in București Mall-Vitan, ground floor area, between June 1st – 30th.

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