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03 January, 2022 - 31 January, 2022
Alist Designers Boutique – Laura Badea, Izabela Mandoiu & Blop

January is about hope of new beginnings, about stories that can’t wait to be written and about infinite possibilities. The beginning of the year allows us to reinvent ourselves, to invest in our well-being, therefore Alist Designers Boutique is looking forward to welcoming you with the most inspired products, created with passion, by Romanian designers. This month, it hosts the special creations of Laura Badea, Izabela Măndoiu and Blop, which come with new seasonal collections, which promote femininity, elegance and the dear traditions that bind us.

Blop creations are made by passionate craftsmen, who model unique vessels, which you will fall in love with. Blop pottery is handmade, natural and 100% ecological. Each dish is carefully painted by hand, with care and inspiration, specially designed to add elegance and style to each table.

Izabela Măndoiu’s goal is to make women aware that every day is an opportunity to feel confident and radiant. As a result, the outfits must be in line with how each relates to the urban context in which they find themselves. Passion, curiosity, love for Romanian symbols combine to create a surprising mix: the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

The Laura Badea brand is also a story about clothes, elegance, good mood, comfort and attitude. The outfits are made of the highest quality materials, designed to perfectly match the unique style of each woman.

Join the story of Alist Designers Boutique, the place where we bring Romanian design into the heart of the city! Surprise yourself, in the new year, with inspired articles, created with a Romanian soul and with large doses of passion.

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