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01 October, 2021 - 31 October, 2021
Alist Designers Boutique – GNA by Andra Ghinea & Gemelli Shoes

October adds a new chapter to the Alist Designers Boutique story, with extravagant and contemporary clothes and handmade shoes, with attitude, crafted with passion. We invite you to discover, between October 1-31, the fresh creations by GNA brand and the stylish shoes under Gemelli Shoes signature, at the Alist Designers Boutique in București Mall-Vitan.

The story of the GNA by Andra Ghinea brand began in her mother’s workshop, where she first discovered her passion for fashion. This passion gradually turned into a real success when, in 2019, she won the award for Best Young Designer at the Elle Style Awards. Her distinctive, eccentric, nonconformist and ultra-contemporary style, inspired by anime, Pinterest and gaming characters, makes her unique items extremely desirable, especially among youngsters. If you want to stand out from the crowd and turn the “ordinary” into “original” and “special” every day, GNA by Andra Ghinea is the choice you want to make.
Step confidently into a world where you are the main character and feel empowered with Gemelli Shoes. Under the mantra “the culture of handmade shoes”, the Romanian designer focuses his passion, attention to detail and intuition for beauty, inherited from generation to generation, to create high quality shoes for women. Refinement and subtlety perfectly describe the current state of the brand, the creations of Gemelli Shoes continuously following the influences of fashion and aligning perfectly with the dynamic rhythm of the modern woman, for whom there is no compromise between comfort and style.

This October, visit the Alist Designers Boutique, in Bucharest Mall-Vitan, on the ground floor, and find your inspiration for the outfits in which you will most certainly shine.

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