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01 August, 2021 - 31 August, 2021
Alist Designers Boutique – Gabriela Atanasiu and Ioana Dumitrache

Inspired stories, full of passion and creative dedication, about Romanian design continue to be written in August, at București Mall Vitan! The aesthetic experience that represents Alist Designers Boutique welcomes the unique and bold creations of Gabriela Atanasiu ( and Ioana Dumitrache brands.

A woman deserves to be admired for what she is, regardless of what size she wears and that is exactly what Ioana Dumitrache’s collections do. In a variety of colours, textures and materials, Ioana’s creations represent a celebration of femininity, confidence and style.

Gabriela Atanasiu strays away from conformity and norm, her fashion creations redefining the concept of femininity. Gabriela is inspired by different materials, by nature and, above all, by people. Her outfits will make you feel empowered and feminine, always in the centre of attention!

You are the one that defines what femininity means to you! Express your style with unique Romanian creations, which are waiting for you at Alist Designers Boutique, in August!

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