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Sabon was founded out of love of textures and perfumes, for the art of taking care of oneself, for creation and for listening to each other, and from the desire to offer people moments of relaxation and magic in their busy lives. The first Sabon store was opened in 1997 on the Shenkin street, in the heart of Tel Aviv, by the two founders of the chain – Sigal Kotler-Levi and Avi Piatok. The story of Sabon started with the manual crafting of homemade soaps, after a 70-year old Australian recipe, sold fresh per kilo. Sabon has specialized in creating a personalized, exciting experience for its customers, through the development of care products for body and soul, considering that the ambiance is an integrated part of that experience. Sabon uses only high quality ingredients and captivating shapes, paying special attention to packaging and understanding the profound meaning of the term “gift”. Since its inception, Sabon has been very careful with nature and emphasized the use of natural materials and the protection of the environment.

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