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“It’s all about oriental feelings”, that is what defines the spirit of Marab Perfumery since 2013, being the visionaries of the oriental perfumery trend, as a niche concept, integrated in Romanian region olfactory space.
Always, treasure hunters, we have evolved and revolutionized through consecrated established brands, that have a tradition of over 100 years, surprising and intriguing avant-garde concepts!

A trend but also a return in time, MARAB PERFUMERY offers the perfect settings for the COMPLETE RITUAL OF ORIENTAL DELIGHT: Perfumes, Oil essences, Bakhoor, unique scents and olfactory emotions!
Limited editions, sensorial experiences, all combine art with exclusive scents: the finest sculptures made with Murano crystal encapsulate the most refined essences, offering the the distinction and the true value of these creations.
All of these represent the spirit of MARAB PERFUMERY!

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