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Step into the world of Benvenuti stores with ease. Here, we have prepared footwear and leather goods for women, men, and children that bring the latest and most creative trends with each new collection.
Both elegant models, characterized by precise lines, and casual or smart casual products, dominated by versatility and adaptability, integrate bold silhouettes in a captivating form. Meticulousness, experience, and perpetual stylistic exploration are the accents that perfect, individualize, and breathe life into each product in Benvenuti stores.

The brands you’ll find in Benvenuti stores, including our own brands such as Luca di Gioia, Thezeus, Benvenuti, Solo Donna, or Enzo Bertini, as well as international brands like Skechers, Converse, or Pepe Jeans, meet ideal conditions: quality owed to exceptional materials and careful craftsmanship, innovative and original design, and, of course, comfort.

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