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The story begins in 1985, when Ilie Cornea, the artisan of this Bukovinian business, crafted the first pairs of shoes. In 1994, this small family business turned from a workshop that only produced men’s shoes, into a genuine factory that still bears the name of the youngest son of the family – DENIS.

In 1996, Ana Cornea, the founder’s wife and business partner had the idea of setting up a footwear section for women, and her taste for beauty and harmony was the ingredient that lead to the birth of the ANNA CORI brand. Women’s shoes truly revolutionised the DENIS factory, becoming one of the top footwear manufacturers in Romania.

The creation of a bag and accessories section in 1999 lead to the maturation of the brand, and the collaboration with the Italian designer Davide Vaccari, a true visionary, completed and reinterpreted the ANNA CORI concept. The strong points of the brand are the quality of the leather used (brought from Italy), but also of the sole, lining and accessories, doubled by the professionalism of the creative team, the skills of the over 400 employees and the high manufacturing technology.

Buyers need to know that ANNA Cori’s shoes, bags and accessories have the best value for the money on the market, with new collections offering customers refined products that define their personality.

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