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Your favorite pet shop, Animax!

From dogs and cats to rodents and birds, all pets find something they like in Animax pet shop. Whether it’s a new toy, a comfortable sleeping bed or a roomy cage, our staff will recommend the right products for your furry friend! If you need advice for your pet or on purchasing the right products, the Animax staff welcomes you, ready to offer all the information and recommendations you are looking for.

Are you looking for your pet’s favorite food?

Here you will find a wide range of pet food, from the most renowned manufacturers and affordable prices! Even more, if you’re thinking of changing your pet’s food, you little friend can test other brands right in the pet shop.

Or do you think your pet could use a new toy?

Each cat, dog, bird or rodent can choose their favorite toy from hundreds of models available in the store. In addition to toys, dogs and cats can choose new clothes, a larger cage or even a pet tag on which you can engrave the name and phone number at no cost!

But how do you make sure your pet will like what you are buying?

Easy, just come with your pet in our store for a shopping session! Pets are allowed in Animax pet shops, we even recommend you to bring your pet with you! Your pet will surely like the atmosphere! So many toys, so much food, a dream come true!

We are waiting for you and your pet in our shop! Until next time!

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