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100% Romanian brand, Spartan has brought to the Romanian market, and recently to the international market, a unique concept of chain of restaurants.
This is because it is Greek-inspired and Mediterranean-influenced, offering a variety of dishes based on ancient recipes, but adapted and improved in our own style to achieve the distinctive Spartan taste – the legendary taste.
The uniqueness that represents us is therefore given both by the reinvention of gastronomic traditions and by each of the four famous sauces, Spartan’s trademark. They are an important part of our menu, in a perfect blend of flavours and tastes, at a high-quality standard, without compromise.
This is why behind the names Gyros, Leonidas, Feta Gyros, Souvlaki, Platou Persia, Cheese Gyros, etc. lie both the ingredients we use in our recipes and the principles of their preparation.
Fresh vegetables, meat tenderized in yoghurt and spices, hearth baked fresh pita (bread) and the essential sauces made from our own recipes, which add flavour to everything, are all part of our cuisine.
And all this, together with the generous quantities and the way we serve them, places us in the top preferences of Greek food lovers in Romania.

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