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20 September, 2018 - 30 November, 2018
Winner – celebrate in style 19 years of Bucuresti Mall

Congratulations Geraldine Stanciu!

After the draw on 04.11.2018, you were selected as the winner of the 19.000 EUR Grand Prize (shopping vouchers) valid for the partner stores in Bucuresti Mall.

The big prize was drawn for the  “Bucuresti Mall – 19th years Anniversary” campaign, held in Bucuresti Mall between the 20th of September and 31st of October 2018!


For 19 years Bucuresti Mall has been you constant source of inspiration and joy! Here is where you have been discovering the latest trends, took part in amazing events and relaxed at the trendiest cafes and restaurants. This year, for the celebration of 19 years of existence, Bucuresti Mall has prepared thousands of spectacular surprises just for you!

During 20th of September – 31st of October, your shopping gives you the chance to win instantly gift vouchers and the chance to win the big prize of 19.000 euro for one year of shopping in Bucuresti Mall.

Here is how to win in 3 easy steps:

  1. Purchase of at least 300 lei on a single cash receipt from Mega Image or Media Galaxy, or of at least 150 lei on single cash receipt from all the other stores from the commercial alley, including the payment of utilities at the bank partners within the mall;
  2. Bring you cash receipt at info-desk, register in the ruffle and get your instant prize!
  3. Automatically enter the raffle for the big win of 19.000 euro!


More details you can find in the Campaign Regulation available here

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