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05 June, 2019 - 06 June, 2019
Undercover 5th June | Battle of the Bands: 4th Edition

Wednesday again, another musical duel! Come over on the 5th of June in Bucuresti Mall – Vitan and take part in another Battle of the Bands edition – NO STRESS vs FRIENDS!

NO STRESS band was born in 2013 and quickly became known on the stage of the clubs in Bucharest. Its members are: Eliza, Max Dragomir, Vladimir, Cristi, Alexandru, Vasile and Robert. NO STRESS band has a vast repertoire ranging from pop-rock to reggae, rock, R&B or jazz. The seven members are ready to fight!
Laura, Ciprian, Alin, Costin, Laszlo and Mişu are the musicians who form FRIENDS band. It was formed in 2009 at 18:28 and surprises every time with both its energy and the fantastic notes they reach.

And they’re ready to get in the ring!

Access is FREE, so we expect you and your friends to dance on the rhythm of the two bands!

Bucuresti Mall, Undercover 5th June, Battle of the Bands: 4th Edition
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