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29 May, 2019 - 30 May, 2019
Undercover 29th May | Battle of the Bands: 3rd Edition

Another battle of the bands, one more step to the Great Final! Come on May 29 at Bucuresti Mall – Vitan, where Tonic Band and Soundwaves will battle for the final, starting at 19:00. We’ll listen good music and we’ll charge our batteries for the rest of the week!
Viorel, Mihail, Alexandra and Tamara are the four members of Tonic Band, a band that focuses on pop, dance, rock and Balkan music. Founded in 2012, the band will contest on May 29 with Soundwaves, consisting of 5 young people who understand music in a unique way.
Tania, Mihnea, Philip, Stephen and Andi are ready to show that they are worthy of the UNDERCOVER final and of everyone’s appreciation!
Do not forget that participation is FREE – we are waiting for you and your love ones in Bucuresti Mall – Vitan!

Bucuresti Mall, Undercover 29th May, Battle of the Bands: 3rd Edition
Bucuresti Mall Vitan