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22 May, 2019 - 23 May, 2019
Undercover 22nd of May | Battle of the Bands: 2nd edition

The battle of the bands continues! The next duel takes place on May 22nd and will feature two new bands: Heavy Rotation and TimeOut! As usual, starting at 19:00 next to Carousel!
With a new concept of live music and a dynamic show, the Heavy Rotation band was quickly known on the Romanian music scene. The 6 members are just waiting to climb the stage in Bucuresti Mall and prove to everyone that they deserve to go further in the competition!
The TimeOut band knows to be heard. Self-defined as a “bouncy bouncer”, TimeOut combines funky rhythms in every performance and ensures every time that the party, event or concert has that memorable note that you love.
So we are expecting you in Bucuresti Mall – Vitan to support your favourite band – remember that access is FREE and that the fate of the bands is in your hands.

Bucuresti Mall, Undercover 22nd of May, Battle of the Bands: 2nd edition
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