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14 February, 2022 - 24 February, 2022
The recipients of love @Bucuresti Mall-Vitan

It is said that love has never bypassed any human being, that it is the red thread that unites our destinies. Love is perhaps the strongest feeling a person can experience, bringing hope, joy, exaltation, but also obstacles that are worth the effort to overcome.

Usually, this time of year we celebrate the love that we express towards our better halves, through holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Dragobetele. At Bucuresti Mall-Vitan, we decided to extend the definition of love, to celebrate it in all its wonderful forms, all of which brighten our days. Thus, in partnership with the “Nottara” Theater, whose actors will send their messages to a recipient of love, we spotlight the different ways in which we can manifest love.

The project will take place between February 14-24, during which, every day on the Facebook page of Bucuresti Mall-Vitan will be posted a video episode, recorded by the actors with the text they will dedicate to a dear someone:

  1. Theater – Filip Ristovski
  2. Mother – Ioana Calotă
  3. Child – Daniela Minoiu
  4. Grandparents – Alexandra Aga
  5. City – Mihaela Subțirică
  6. Faith – Isabela Neamțu
  7. Partner – Răzvan Bănică
  8. Nature – Alexandru Mike Gheorghiu
  9. Pet – Hariton Twig
  10. Father – Cristina Juncu
  11. Travel – Vlad Bălan

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the every facet of love, each exposed with tons of passion and amazing acting talent!


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