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27 August, 2021 - 26 September, 2021
New trends of the fall-winter 2021 season

Autumn comes with many inspired fashion choices, which you can find at Bucuresti Mall-Vitan!
Regardless if you are thinking about going on a trip to the mountainside or attending a glamorous party, at Bucuresti Mall – Vitan you will find the perfect outfit for every occasion! In order for your shopping sprees to be a success every time, the new fall-winter collection is up-to-date with current trends, presenting bold patterns, a wide range of colours and comfortable, unique materials.

Moreover, if your shopping adds up to minimum 800 lei on a single receipt from one of the stores in Bucuresti Mall – Vitan, except for Media Galaxy, where the amount should de at least 1500 lei, you can present the receipt at the Infodesk and receive a 200 lei voucher, within the available stock.

We can’t wait to see you at Bucuresti Mall-Vitan, where you can discover all the new trends of the fall-winter 2021 season!

Bucuresti Mall, new trends of the fall-winter 2021 season
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