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28 January, 2018 - 29 January, 2018
King’s Arthur Legend

“Whoso pulled out this sword of this stone and anvil… is right wise king born of England.” Camelot, King Arthur and the Excalibur Sword means a lot more than a legend!

It is a fabulous world representing the chivalric ideal, cause… who did not hear about the Knights of the Round Table?!Of course, it could not miss Merlin the wizard, and the magic adventures of whom will get along Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevere in search of the Holy Graal! An unique and wonderful theater play which combines the mystique with the legend, creating moments take will take you  through time right to the blurry realms of Avalon! This show is recommended for kids over 7 years old.

Book tickets now at or call at 0310051620. Buy tickets directly at the cinema.

Distribution: Ana Turos, Irina Enache, Magda Frincu, Cristian Rus
Interactive theatre for children, King’s Arthur Legend  – General Audience
Time: 45 de minute
Ticket price: 15 lei for kids, 25 lei for adults

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