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09 July, 2021 - 21 July, 2021
In the privacy of the diary

The archive of the National Museum of Romanian Literature is once again proving to be an invaluable treasure.
Creation journals, logbooks, love journals and intimate journals are all now available in Bucuresti Mall – Vitan at the exhibition “In the Privacy of the Diary”.

The dome of your favorite mall in the center of the capital is once again the host of a unique cultural project, bringing closer to your manuscripts, typed pages and photographs of popular writers or critics such as Titu Maiorescu, Tudor Arghezi, Mircea Eliade, Eugen Ionescu and many other prominent personalities.

We look forward to seeing you until July 21st, 2021, in Bucuresti Mall Vitan, where you will take part in a cultural foray that allows us to take a look at the diary excerpts, which are the revelations and emotions of Romanian writers who have marked the national or even international literary scene.

Project carried out together with National Museum of Romanian Literature and the Youth Centre of Bucharest.

Bucuresti Mall, in the privacy of the diary
Bucuresti Mall Vitan