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23 November, 2022 - 23 December, 2022
City Vibes Fair – winter edition

Winter brings magic and unforgettable moments spent with loved ones. It’s the season of holidays, but above all, of special gifts offered from heart! At București Mall – Vitan you have the opportunity to discover an universe of handmade products, created with great passion and dedication, by local artisans, as well as unique gift ideas.
Whether you want to decorate your home for the holidays, complete your style with special accessories or find the most interesting gifts for the important people in your life, we invite you to discover the artists and creators you will meet at the City Vibes Fair, winter edition:

❄️ Jolie Silver – Silver jewelry, pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings.
❄️ Art & Deco – Christmas items, socks, hats, gloves and toys for the little ones.
❄️ Gabriela Popa – Mugs, spoons, figurines, globes and handmade jewelry.
❄️ Altrania 2002 – Souvenirs made in Romania, music cassettes and toys.
❄️ Beek Gift – Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas wreaths and gifts for loved ones.
❄️ Mov Evolution – Woolen boots and vests, wallets, gloves and other leather accessories.
❄️ Soufeel – Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, charms and watches.
❄️ Flaviart – Handmade earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, mugs and jars.
❄️ Professor Puzzle – A diverse range of puzzle games that train thinking.
❄️ Celika Handmade – Vintage jewelry and accessories and Christmas decorations.
❄️ Daniela Koesalu – Christmas decorations, mugs, socks, scarves.
❄️ Atelierul de creație Dale – Toys, hand-decorated cups and spoons, scarves and gloves.
❄️ Paula Bijoux – Resin figurines, vintage and silver jewelry- earrings, bracelets and pendants.
❄️ Bomboane Bucuria – Bucuria candies and sweets, wines and brandy from the Republic of Moldova and gift baskets.
❄️ Elfi Boutique – Jewelry, Christmas decorations, boxes and handmade accessories and scarves.
❄️ Vizual Art – Silk scarves, magnets, engravings, jewelry and hand painted globes.
❄️ Jacqueline Bijuterii – Unique jewellery, crystals, pearls, ceramics and jewelery boxes.
❄️ Idille Boutique – Premium jewelry

So, we are waiting for you, at București Mall – Vitan, at City Vibes Fair, winter edition, to get into the spirit of holidays and to choose the most authentic gifts of the season for your loved ones! Put soul and a touch of magic into everything you buy!

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