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21 October, 2021 - 31 October, 2021
City Vibes Fair – 2021 autumn edition

Inspiration for a great autumn begins with a visit under the dome!

Come to Bucuresti Mall – Vitan between October 21st and October 31st and take part at City Vibes Fair – 2021 Autumn Edition.
Whether you have are craving for sweets on the eve of Halloween or you want to discover accessories suitable for the cold season, the options are varied this year.

Here’s what we are expecting you with:
Sabina Pietreanu & Ileana Celea, with jewelry, handmade accessories, and ceramic objects/ mosaic
Bomboane Bucuria, with various assortments of candies and sweets Joy in Halloween
Soufeel, with accessories and customizable jewelry
Adriana Volosciuc, with a varied range of lavender products
Florentina Marin, with handmade jewelry, made of Murano glass, of natural metallic leaves and others
Mille Fiori, with handmade jewels, made of ceramics, of Murano glass and others
Niculescu Jacqueline, with decorations of Halloween, boxes and handmade accessories
Kovacs Alom, with traditional sweets – homemade chocolate, walnuts with cocoa cream, cornulete, pumpkin apple and all kinds of pie
Paula Bijoux, with statuettes of resin, silver jewelry and Halloween specific decorations
Professor Puzzle, with Fascinating puzzle games
Malee Tea, with teas only good to taste in the cold days of autumn.
Bratara Succesului, with jewelry and accessories in Halloween theme

The favorite mall in the center of the capital becomes at the end of October the ideal place for seasonal shopping.

We are waiting for you under the dome!

Bucuresti Mall, City Vibes Fair, 2021 autumn edition
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