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01 June, 2019 - 02 June, 2019
Children’s Magical Day |The ICE AGE Show

All those fascinated by the mysteries of science are expected on June 1st in Bucuresti Mall – Vitan! They will be greeted at 16:00 hours by Profesorul Trăsnit himself, who has prepared the finest experiments in his mobile laboratory:

• dry ice experiments
• The cold volcano
• experiments with mysterious fog
• ice explosions
• crushed glass experiments
• levitation and maaaaany other surprises!

Small scientists and junior scientists will have fun playing and learning various scientific concepts closely supervised by Profesorul Trasnit and their loved ones!
Come on June 1st in Bucuresti Mall – Vitan and offer to the little one a “Child Day” as they all should be!

Free access!

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