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04 April, 2022 - 16 April, 2022
Artists of words and their pet friends

Starting with April 4th, the date that marks the International Day of Homeless Animals, we invite you to the exhibition “Artists of words and their pet friends”, which will take place in Bucuresti Mall-Vitan. The exhibition, organized in partnership with the National Museum of Romanian Literature, the Youth Center of Bucharest and the associations ASPA and Red Panda, brings to Bucuresti Mall visitors stories about the preferred pets of Romanian writers.

Here you will find texts by writers Alina Pavelescu, Alina Purcaru, Livia Ștefan and Lidia Vianu, as well as texts of museographers and a selection of photographs from the MNLR archive, which capture images of Romanian writers at different stages of their lives with families and friends. Pet names are often inspired by the names of their favorite characters or even authors, the names of relatives or mythological characters. You will discover Satyr, Bob, Count Bran, Pushkin and Marty, Băselu, but also Bumble-Bea, to whom Lidia Vianu dedicated a lyrical diary.

Have you ever considered adopting a homeless pet? One of the stakes of this project is to give you a new perspective on the possibility of offering an affectionate home to a “character” in the pets world. So visit the exhibition between April 4th and 16th, from Monday to Sunday, between 10:00 and 22:00, in Bucuresti Mall-Vitan!

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