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01 July, 2021 - 31 July, 2021
Alist Designers Boutique | Atelier Merci

Alist Designers Boutique continues to reveal the story of authentic Romanian design told in unexpected colors and vibrant textures, woven with emotion and passion for art, at from a new location, in București Mall-Vitan. In July, our friends from Atelier Merci teach us about sustainable fashion design. Their unique creations, tailored with passion and responsibility, are oriented towards “designing” a better future. They use Global Organic Textile Standard certified cotton, OEKO-TEX certified materials, natural materials such as hemp and flax, all of them packaged in a sustainable manner. And their mission does not stop here: 100% of their profit is directed towards supporting various humanitarian causes through health and education projects, for children with medical conditions. Thus, any shopping session at Atelier Merci is in fact an act of social responsibility, both for those in need and for the environment. We kindly invite you this month to discover a unique brand that looks at fashion in a sustainable way, in the new Alist Designers Boutique location, which you can find on the Ground Floor, the Info Desk area. We can hardly wait to seeing you between the 1st of July and the 31st of July in București Mall, to show our support for the sustainable Romanian design movement!

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