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Make-up Art Cosmetics (M•A•C) was founded in 1984 in Toronto by Franck Toskan, make-up artist and photographer Franck Angelo, owner of a beauty salon, aiming to help make-up artists. For more than 20 years, M•A•C has proven its ability to combine fashion, fun and fantasy. The cornerstones of M•A•C’s success – innovation, originality and creativity – had set it apart from any other brand of cosmetics. Today, M•A•C, which is owned by the Estée Lauder group, is a leader in fashion and beauty. The company’s amazing ability to create innovative products and exploit new outlets has resulted in tremendous growth, having over 1400 locations in over 70 countries around the world. M•A•C products are the result of mixing a remarkable art, diverse colors, professional formulas and skill. From lipstick and mascara to foundation and blush, remarkable products, social initiatives, the spirit of M•A•C continues to attract clients of all races, sexes and ages, everywhere in the world. About the M•A•C Foundation: M•A•C Aids Fund was established in 1994 to help men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS around the world. MAF broke new ground by providing financial support to the organizations working with underserved regions and populations. As the biggest corporate non-pharmaceutical donor, the MAF is determined to address the link between poverty and HIV/AIDS, by supporting different organizations around the world that provide a wide range of services to people living with HIV/AIDS. To date, MAF raised more than $200 million (US), exclusively through the sale of M•A•C Viva Glam Lipstick and Lipgloss, donating 100% of the sale price to fight HIV/AIDS. For more information, visit

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