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Café Ritazza was launched in 1995, inspired by cafés in northern Italy, currently being present with over 120 units in 23 countries. Café Ritazza distinguished by its chic and creative design the moment you step into the location, will make you feel like you are in the most cosmopolitan city. The architectural concept was created by a studio based in London. Café Ritazza is a meeting place for happy people who want to rid of daily hustles, and represents a haven for those seeking a great coffee. Café Ritazza’s goal is simple, to satisfy even the customers with the most refined tastes, offering coffee and freshly made food in a space where service is efficient and friendly. Café Ritazza has its own coffee blend, but more than anything else, they are proud of the talent and skill of the best baristas, all trained in England. This way, you can be sure of an uncompromising taste. Apart from the coffee-based products, there is a variety of healthy products made out of vegetables or fruits, such as yogurts and smoothies in different combinations. Inspired by the Italian gastronomic culture, the Café also offers delicious treats prepared daily in its kitchen: sandwiches and salads. It tries to offer more and more to its customers every day, and they do so, also, through their wide range of alcoholic beverages. You will surely be attracted by the reasonable and convenient prices, as well. The urban design of the café, the well-defined details complement perfectly with the coffee’s aroma and the delicious products, offering the best experience.

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