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15 July, 2022 - 31 August, 2022
Summer sales @Bucuresti Mall

Summer is full of moments that deserve to be lived to the fullest and in great style! We know that you will live your experiences at maximum intensity, but in terms of style, we can offer you a helping hand with discounts of up to 70% in the stores in București Mall-Vitan. So that you will have the coolest wardrobe, matching the unforgettable moments of this season.
Whether you go to the festival, to the sea or to an outing with friends, in București Mall you can find the perfect outfits for any occasion, through which to express your unique style and stand out. We are waiting for you with the most inspired choices for this summer, at your favorite mall in the heart of Bucharest!

I Love Bucuresti Mall!
*Up-to-date and complete information about the period and conditions of validity of the offers can be found directly in the shops in București Mall – Vitan.

Bucuresti Mall, summer sales, discounts of up to 70%
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