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23 March, 2022 - 12 May, 2022
Explore new destinations with Bucuresti Mall – Vitan

Just think of the perfect vacation! Imagine the places you will explore, the monuments you will visit, the people you will meet and the unforgettable memories you will create. Do you like the sound of that? At Bucuresti Mall – Vitan you can win a holiday in whichever location you choose!

How? It’s simple. Shop for at least 800 lei on a maximum of 2 receipts, or 1.500 lei on a single receipt from Media Galaxy and you can win the grand prize, a holiday just as you imagined it, worth of over 2000 EURO*. In addition, each enrolment in the campaign brings you a guaranteed voucher of 200 lei, valid at the partner stores, within the available stock*.

What are you waiting for? Experience high quality shopping at Bucuresti Mall – Vitan until April 23rd and the much desired holiday can be yours!

I Love Bucuresti Mall!

*Campaign subjected to certain terms and conditions. For more details, see the campaign regulations available here or at Infodesk.

Winner 27.04.2022

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