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06 February, 2023 - 19 February, 2023
Traveler in search for love – MNLR expo

In February, the National Museum of Romanian Literature talks about love and brings back, in the current urban landscape, 12 love stories, representative for the Romanian literature, outlined in a dedicated exhibition, in București Mall-Vitan.

“Traveler in search for love” illustrates dialogues between lovers, characters inspired by real life, or the drama of impossible loves. Come under the dome of your favorite mall to “meet” with the mysterious Miss P.V., Maitreyi or Mița Biciclista, with the actress Levy Caler, who was the muse of Camil Petrescu or Mihail Sebastian.

In addition to these stories, you can also find out interesting data, like which is the year when the most romance novels were published or which was the novel that brought Mihail Drumeș fame.

That’s why we are waiting for you, between February 6th and 19th, on the 1st floor, in in București Mall-Vitan, to travel through time, in search of love!

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