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02 June, 2021 - 15 June, 2021
Time travel. Images from the childhood of Romanian writers

Childhood has remained, over the years, the idyllic, perfect space that we remember in adulthood as a lost dream. Nor could the Romanian authors be able to bypass the space of their childhood and adolescence, as their works would have been devoid of what is more beautiful and expressive.
But how many of us, knew how Alexandru Vlahuta or his home looked in his childhood, who were the writers born in Albania or who are descendants of our country’s princes?

Photos and snapshots, accompanied by passages of presentation, descriptions of home, street and childhood atmosphere – are just some of the details of some of these writers’ fascinating stories:

Nicolae Beldiceanu
Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu
Ioachim Botez
Dan Botta
Mateiu Caragiale
N. D. Cocea
Pompiliu Constantinescu
Alexandru Davila
Victor Eftimiu
Gala Galaction
Onisifor Ghibu
Anton Holban
Eugen Ionescu
Gib. I. Mihăescu
Ion Pillat
Nichita Stănescu
Vladimir Streinu
Constant Tonegaru
George Topârceanu
Elena Văcărescu
Alexandru Vlahuță
G. M. Zamfirescu

We are waiting for you until June 15th under the Bucuresti Mall Vitan dome, where you can explore the exhibition “Time travel. Images from Romanian writers childhood” and you will discover less well-known details from the childhood of some of the most appreciated Romanian authors.
Entry is free.

Project implemented in partnership with the National Museum of Romanian Literature and the Youth Centre of Bucharest.

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