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13 October, 2018 - 14 October, 2018
The Yearling With The Three Goats

There was once a spoiled yearling like no other… and that was because his mother, his aunty and hid grandma did everything for him. He was kind of like the Mr. Goe of the animal kingdom!

A cheerful and engaging show, filled with songs and whistles. Madam Fox and Mister Wolf will also drop by… let’s see if they can help us with our bratty yearling!

The actors will bring the characters to life: The Yearling, Mother Goat, Aunty Goat, Grandma Goat, The Fox, The Wolf.

A live interactive theater show for kids, recommended to children aged 3 to 7 years old.

Date: 13.10.2018, 5.30 PM
Running time: 45 minutes
Cast: Ana Turoș, Irina Enache, Loredana Topciu, Cristian Rus
Directed by: Magda Frâncu
Costumes: Magda Frâncu

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