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05 March, 2021 - 31 March, 2021
The atrium of writers at NMRL

Feminism has deep roots in Romania, although we don’t talk about it very often. In March, Bucuresti Mall – Vitan and the National Museum of Romanian Literature bring before you the “The atrium of writers”, an exhibition that puts in the spotlight the power, determination, vision and courage of 16 Romanian writers:

• Cella Serghi
• Jeni Acterian
• Elena Farago
• Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu
• Sofia Nădejde
• Veronica Micle
• Iulia Hasdeu
• Mariana Marin
• Martha Bibescu
• Margareta Miller-Verghi
• Alice Voinescu
• Monica Lovinescu
• Cella Delavrancea
• Alice Botez
• Nina Cassian
• Cătălina Buzoianu

Spouses and mothers, sisters, and aunts, the 16 Romanian writers fought the prejudices of the era and demonstrated to the world that the barriers between the sexes are as useless as the stereotypes of the society in which they lived. You will have the opportunity to discover between March 8th and March 31st precious materials, videos and stories about the women who fought the right battle. We look forward for you in Bucuresti Mall – Vitan to meet and appreciate them.
Project organized in partnership with the National Museum of Romanian Literature.

Bucuresti Mall, the atrium of writers at NMRL
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