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15 January, 2021 - 07 February, 2021
Romanian writers in World War I

Hosted so far by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna, the Romanian Cultural Institute “Mihai Eminescu” in Chisinau and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the exhibition ‘Romanian Writers in World War I’ also reaches Bucuresti Mall – Vitan!
We expect you between January 15th and February 7th to discover a tab from the history of our country: pages of correspondence, journals, literary fragments, or reproductions of works of visual art, as well as photographs from the First World War, all made by Romanian writers.

You can discover works or art excerpts from writers such as:
1. Barbu Ştefănescu Delavrancea, who gave an extraordinary speech at the Academy meeting on Romania’s entry into World War I
2. Hortensia Papadat – Bengescu, sister of charity at the Red Cross
3. Perpessicius, who participated in the war as a sub-lieutenant at just 24 years old
4. Camil Petrescu, officer in the Romanian Army and saved from death by Bessarabian Ion Buzdugan
5. Liviu Rebreanu, officer in the Austro-Hungarian Army
6. Emil Rebreanu, who was executed on the Romanian front by the Austro-Hungarian Army
7. George Topîrceanu, Artillery Petty Officer
8. Vasile Voiculescu, doctor at the front

Moreover, the red Cross panels complete the exhibition with the special mission that women volunteers have undertaken at the urging of Queen Mary during the difficult years of war.
We therefore expect you until February 7th to witness a tab in the history of our country. Project carried out with the help of National Museum of Romanian Literature and Ministry of Culture.

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